"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."

C. G. Jung

Jungian Analysis-Depth Psychotherapy

Whether you are depressed, unhappy, finding your life is not working the way you would like, or are generally dissatisfied it may be an opportunity for you to look more deeply within yourself. This is the purpose of Jungian analysis and/or depth psychology. The decision to enter Jungian analysis and/or depth psychotherapy is a serious one. It is a courageous step. To look within instead at the outer world is to end the cycle of should and if only. It is to gain understanding that each of us plays the most important role in the course our own life, our own success and our own happiness.

I have been a psychotherapist for many years. I was a very successful psychotherapist therapist with a large practice, but people kept returning with the same issues. Through our work they would change a few things in their lives. They would get better, but then they would find themselves in the same place as before with the same dissatisfaction, dysfunction or unhappiness. I found that my therapy door was revolving. I began to search deeper. I turned to my own inner life. With the help of several compassionate and talented Jungian analysts I discovered my own truth. I found my own inner voice. I took what I had experienced back to my therapy room. People who came to me began to find their own voices, their truths. Their lives changed. I then pursed Jungian analysts training in Switzerland. I also trained with Marion Woodman and BodySoul Rhythms. I seek to assist other who want to make that journey. Some fittingly call it the journey to wholeness.

Whether you choose to join me on this journey or another analyst/therapist I encourage you to begin now by taking several steps. First begin to keep a journal. I ask everyone who chooses to work with me to keep a journal. Write what you are feeling. This is not a diary but a place where you can write what you feel and begin to explore the roots of those feeling as well as expand those feelings. A journal needs to be sacred and totally private. Write your dreams. Every morning I write my dreams from the night I just woke up from. That is my sacred time. Give that gift to yourself / your Self.