Private Psychotherapy and Family Counseling Offices in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Ojai, CA

As a Jungian psychotherapist I have had the privilege of assisting adults, children and adolescents in their healing processes. The word psychotherapy comes from the Greek words psyche which means soul and the word therapeia which means to tend or to care for. Thus the aim of Jungian psychotherapy is to care for and tend to ones soul.

Deep within each of us lies a well spring that knows the answers to who we really are and how we are to live a happy, peaceful life. However, as we each cope with the trials and tribulations of daily life we lose that connection to our own inner wisdom. Jungian psychotherapy assists each individual in re-connecting to their own well spring, their own answers. One might say that the primary purpose of therapy is to connect to ones own true nature and ones own inner healer, ones soul.

I welcome new patients to my psychotherapy practice. Healing and true psychological change come from find ones own truth and true nature. Whether your symptoms take the form of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-destructive behaviors or problems within your family, breakthroughs can take place in a safe, confidential, and trusting environment. I have assisted individuals and families for over 25 years. Patients often report that although they have been to previous therapists, they feel that they have made the most progress working with me.